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Integrate manually

Besides integrating via CocoaPods, you can also integrate manually by copying the package frameworks to your project. This is typically done to support customization of the open source Tools library.

For information on the iOS SDK versions supported by PDFTron, please see the system requirements.

The following are a few simple steps that will prepare your project for your integration of PDFTron libraries:

  1. Contact us for a download link and trial key. (This is an automated process and is fast to complete.) Then visit this page via the link provided in the email to access the download link and download the SDK.
  1. Copy the /Lib directory to an appropriate location for your project.

  2. Drag the dynamic PDFNet and Tools frameworks (Lib/Framework-dynamic/PDFNet.framework, Lib/Tools/Tools.framework) into the "Embedded Binaries" section of your project, as indicated below.

    The pink rectangle shows where to drag PDFNet.framework and Tools.framework
  3. In your target's build phases:

    a) add a new run script phase (by clicking on the '+')
    b) add the following script:


    This will ensure invalid slices are striped from the framework before being submitted to the app store (a longstanding Xcode bug).

    Create a new run script phase, and add the text as shown.

Once integrated, you must initialize the SDK before calling any methods.