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Create a PDF portfolio (package) on iOS

To create a PDF portfolio containing multiple file types.

void AddPackage(PTPDFDoc *doc, NSString *file, NSString* desc)
    PTNameTree *files = [PTNameTree Create: [doc GetSDFDoc] name: @"EmbeddedFiles"];
    PTFileSpec *fs = [PTFileSpec Create: [doc GetSDFDoc] path: file embed: true];
    [files Put: [file dataUsingEncoding: NSUTF8StringEncoding] key_sz:(int)file.length value: [fs GetSDFObj]];
    [fs SetDesc: desc];

    PTObj * collection = [[doc GetRoot] FindObj: @"Collection"];
    if (!collection) collection = [[doc GetRoot] PutDict: @"Collection"];

    // You could here manipulate any entry in the Collection dictionary.
    // For example, the following line sets the tile mode for initial view mode
    // Please refer to section '2.3.5 Collections' in PDF Reference for details.
    [collection PutName: @"View" name: @"T"];
PTPDFDoc *doc = [[PTPDFDoc alloc] init];
AddPackage(doc, filename, @"PDF");
AddPackage(doc, imagename, @"Image");

PDF packages (portfolios) Full code sample which illustrates how to create, extract, and manipulate PDF Packages (also known as PDF Portfolios).

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