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PTPDFViewCtrl page view mode

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chevron_rightPage view modes
chevron_rightSetting the page view mode

PDFViewCtrl's page view mode controls the default zoom level of pages and documents. New documents will automatically open at the zoom level specified by the mode.

linkPage view modes

PTPDFViewCtrl supports the following page view modes:

Page view modeDescriptionScreenshot-portraitScreenshot-landscape
e_trn_fit_pageThe zoom is set so that the entire page is visible without scrolling.
e_trn_fit_widthThe zoom is set so that the page's width matches the viewer's width.
e_trn_fit_heightThe zoom is set so that the page's height matches the viewer's height.
e_trn_zoomThe viewer's zoom is not adjusted based on the page. (Unavailable in non-coninuous page presentation modes.)

linkSetting the page view mode

To change page view mode, call setPageViewMode(_:). Please note when you flip pages, the PDFViewCtrl will reset the page view mode from setPageRefViewMode(_:).