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Integrate iOS PDF library with Cordova

See here for the get started guide for using the PDFTron Cordova Native Plugin on Android.

This guide will help you integrate a free trial of the PDFTron Native Plugin for iOS applications using Cordova. Your free trial includes unlimited trial usage and support from solution engineers.

Note: There are other approaches that can be used to integrate PDFTron technology with Cordova. Please see this FAQ page to find out more about the relative strengths of each approach.


No trial license key required.
The trial of PDFTron SDK works without a license key. A commercial license key is required for use in a production environment. Please fill out our licensing form if you do not have a valid license key.
Keep your commercial license key confidential.
License keys are uniquely generated. Please make sure that it is not publicly available (e.g. in your public GitHub).


If you don't already have a Cordova codebase, start one. If you do, then make sure iOS is added as a platform and skip to integration.

  1. Create a new Cordova project called pdfhello

    cordova create pdfhello com.example.pdf pdfhello
    cd pdfhello
  2. Add iOS as a platform to build the Cordova application for.

    cordova platform add ios

linkIntegrate PDFTron Native Plugin into your Cordova Application

  1. Add the pdftron-cordova plugin in your project directory.

    cordova plugin add
  2. From your PDFNet.dmg download, copy the /Lib/ folder into pdfhello/platforms/ios/pdfhello/
  3. Open the project in Xcode. You can do this by double-clicking the pdfhello/platforms/ios/pdfhello.xcodeproj file.
  4. Select the project in the left pane and go to the General tab. Scroll down to find the Embedded Binaries section. Here, add Lib/Tools/Tools.framework and Lib/Framework-dynamic.PDFNet.framework from the Lib/ folder you copied into your project. You can do this by dragging them in from Finder or by clicking the + sign to browse your files.

    General Add Frameworks
  5. Go to the Build Phases tab and click on the + button to add a New Run Script Phase. Copy and paste the following into the shell command:


    This will ensure invalid slices are striped from the framework before being submitted to the app store (a longstanding Xcode bug).

    Build Phases Add Script

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