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Version Changelog (October 12th, 2022)

  • Version:
  • Release Date: October 12th, 2022
  • Built with Xcode 13.4.1 (13F100)


  • Added an API to control the visibility of the activity indicator or progress spinner while the document is loaded: PTDocumentBaseViewController.hidesProgressSpinner
  • Added an API to control where documents are cached on-disk: PTDocumentBaseViewController.documentManager.documentCacheDirectoryURL
  • Added an API to control creation and editing of count measurement annotations: PTToolManager.countAnnotationOptions
  • Added accessibility titles to toolbar buttons in tool-group toolbar.
  • Added an API to customize the "Opening PDF..." text shown while loading a PDF in the viewer: PTDocumentBaseViewController.documentLoadingMessage

Bug fixes

  • Fix for signature being stamped outside of signature field when the keyboard is visible before tapping the signature field.
  • Fix for keyboard focussing on another text field when tapping on a read only field.
  • Fixed incorrect rotation of XFDF-imported free text annotations.
  • Fix for Callout annotation being misplaced when the document is scrolled up because of the keyboard.
  • Fixed PDFViewCtrl not being deallocated and leaking memory.
  • Fixed GoToR actions that link back to the document itself.
  • Fix for new pages added after the current page instead of the page selected.
  • Fix for editing a link annotation with an invalid Action causing a crash.
  • Fix for restricting editing and deletion of disabled annotation types in annotation list.
  • Fixed a crash in the outline list that only occurs on iOS 12.

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