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Version 6.5.4a

Release Date: 2016.09.27

This is a maintenance release. The next major release (planned for this fall) will require iOS 9 or greater.

  • Fix for when PTPDFViewCtrl is resized via auto layout.
  • Sticky notes are rendered correctly with the no zoom property.
  • The ink annotation tool always writes at least 2 points for better compatibility when rendering an annotation made with a single tap.
  • Uses a popover for the colour picker on iPhone when the OS allows.
  • Fix for a crash that could occur when importing certain XFDF data.
  • New Methods:

    • To highlight with multiple selection objects: -[PTPDFViewCtrl highlightSelections:withColor:]
    • To convert an HTML string to a PDF: +[PTConvert convertHTMLStringToPDF:baseURL:paperSize:completion:]
  • Miscellaneous minor improvements and bug fixes in tools and the framework

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