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Version 6.2.0

Release Date: 2014.03.12

linkImportant Changes Since 6.1:

  • PDFNet now is built as a statically linked framework. Follow the following steps to integrate PDFNet in your project:

    • Download the SDK and unzip it.
    • Open your project in Xcode.
    • In Xcode, select the project, in 'Build Phases' tab, expand the 'Link Binary With Libraries' section.
    • Press the '+' button, click 'Add Other...', navigate to where you unzipped the SDK and select Lib/PDFNet.framework.
    • The framework should now appear at the top of the 'Link Binary With Libraries' section, as well as under 'Frameworks' in the left hand pane
    • Import the framework header, i.e. #import <PDFNet/PDFViewCtrl.h>.
  • PDFNet now links against libc++ (the LLVM version of the C++ standard library). In your project's target settings please change C++ Standard Library setting to libc++.
  • PDFNet is compiled with XCode 5.1, and XCode 5.1 must be used to compile a project that uses PDFNet. The use of the new compiler resolves a problem that would cause a crash when using the simulator or decoding certain corrupt JPEG2000 images.

linkNew Features:

  • Support for arm64 and x86_64.
  • A set of new controls has been added to the tools library. The source code for these controls are public and can be customized as required. The controls include:

    • AnnotationViewController showing all annotations in a click-able list.
    • AnnotationToolbar for working with the various annotation creation tools.
    • OutlineViewController that displays a document's outline (bookmarks) for document navigation.
    • ThumbnailSliderViewController that displays a page's thumbnail above the slider.
  • A new sample app "Complete Reader" that showcases a full featured PDF reader, incoroporating all of the controls above.
  • A new DigitalSignatureTool mode that can add a signature anywhere to a page. Signatures can be saved for future use.
  • A new RecentlyUsedCache is added. It works with the PDFViewCtrl to keep a thumbnail of page 1 of any opened document up to date.
  • PDFDoc and SDFDoc can now incrementally save to Filter and memory outputs.
  • Improved PDF/A validation and conversion.
  • Persistent thumbnail disk caching and embedded thumbnail support in viewers (via SetupThumbnails).
  • New SetJPGQuality setting for PDF2XOD, PDF2HTML, PDF2EPUB and PDF Flattener. This allows for finer grained control over compression quality of JPG images.

linkNew APIs:

PathData -(int)GetGlyphIndex
   PDFNet +(void)SetTempPath:(NSString*)temp_path;
   PDFNet +(void)SetPersistentCachePath:(NSString*)persistent_path;
   PDFViewCtrl -(void)SetupThumbnails: (BOOL)use_embedded generate_at_runtime: (BOOL)generate_at_runtime use_disk_cache: (BOOL)use_disk_cache thumb_max_side_length: (int)thumb_max_side_length max_abs_cache_size: (unsigned long)max_abs_cache_size max_perc_cache_size: (double)max_perc_cache_size;
  • Bug fixes.

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