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Verify a signature in .NET Core

Try our experimental web demo for digital signature verification.

EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE. Digital signature verification is undergoing active development, but currently does not support a number of features. If we are missing a feature that is important to you, or if you have files that do not act as expected, please contact us using one of the following forms: or

To verify all cryptographic digital signatures in a document:

// Open an existing PDF
using (PDFDoc doc = new PDFDoc(in_docpath))
    // Choose a security level to use, and change any verification options you wish to change
    VerificationOptions opts = new VerificationOptions(VerificationOptions.SignatureVerificationSecurityLevel.e_compatibility_and_archiving);

    // Trust a binary DER X509 certificate
    byte[] trusted_cert_buf = File.ReadAllBytes(in_public_key_file_path);

    // Iterate over the signatures and verify all of them.
    DigitalSignatureFieldIterator digsig_fitr = doc.GetDigitalSignatureFieldIterator();
    for (; digsig_fitr.HasNext(); digsig_fitr.Next())
        DigitalSignatureField curr = digsig_fitr.Current();
        VerificationResult result = curr.Verify(opts);
        if (result.GetVerificationStatus())
            Console.Write("Signature verified");
            Console.Write("Signature verification failed");

Digital signatures
Full code sample which demonstrates using the digital signature API to digitally sign, certify, and/or verify PDF documents.

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