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How can I get the .NET Core SDK to work on Docker?

How can I get the .NET Core SDK to work on Docker?

The project needs to know where the shared lib is located. You can achieve this by any one of the following 2 approaches.

Approach 1:

You will add the following to the Docker file: ​ COPY libPDFNet* /usr/lib/ RUN rm /usr/lib/;\ mv /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

Adding the above commands will resolve the following two issues:

  1. PDFTron's native library needs to be placed directly in "/usr/lib/" folder
  2. Docker does not like how we symlink the so files, so removing the symlink is required

Approach 2:

  1. Manually remove the symlink and rename the versioned so to
  2. Edit the .csproj file to directly point to
<Content Include="/src/MyApp/">

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