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Editing PDF Metadata with Command-line

Using PDFSecure it is possible to modify document information metadata automatically and uniformly across all generated documents using the following options:

Option       Parameter                     Description
------------ ----------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
--title      --title "My Title"            Sets document's 'Title' description.
--author     --author "Joe Doe"            Sets document's 'Author' description. Author is the name of the person who created the document.
--subject    --subject "My Subject"        Sets document's 'Subject' description.
--keywords   --keywords "key1 key2 key2"   Sets document's 'Keywords' description.
--creator    --creator "PDFTron PDFNet"    Sets document's 'Creator' description. Creator is the name of the application that created the original document from which it was converted.
--producer   --producer PDFSecure          Sets document's 'Producer' description. Producer is the name of the application (for example, Distiller) that converted it to PDF.

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