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Command-Line Summary for PDFSecure

Usage: pdfsecure [<options>] file...


  --file... arg           A list of folders and/or file names to process.
  -o [ --output ] arg     The output folder or file used to store modified
                          files. If this option is not specified, changes will
                          be applied to original files.
  -s [ --secure ] arg     Sets the security handler for the output file(s).
                          Valid options are:
                            40  - Use 40-bit RC4 encryption.
                            128 - Use 128-bit RC4 encryption. Supported in PDF
                                1.4 (Acrobat 5) and above.
                            AES - Use 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption
                                Standard); Supported in PDF 1.6 (Acrobat 7) and
                            R   - Remove the encryption from the document.
                            S   - Do not change the original security handler.

                          By default the security handler will be preserved

  -p [ --pass ] arg       The password for the input file. Not required if the
                          input document is not secured.
  --noprompt              Disables any user input. By default, the application 
                          will ask for a valid password if the password is not
                          incorrect or for a permission to modify original
  -u [ --userpass ] arg   The new user password. The password required to open
                          resulting documents.
  -w [ --ownerpass ] arg  The new owner/master password. This password is
                          required to adjust permissions settings on resulting
  -d [ --disable ] arg    Permissions are applied to the output PDF if the
                          output document is encrypted. This option accepts a
                          string of permissions flags that should be disabled.
                          The permission string may include the following
                            a - All permissions.
                            p - Printing.
                            m - Changing the document.
                            c - Content copying or extraction.
                            o - Commenting.
                            f - Filling of form fields.
                            x - Content extraction for accessibility.
                            s - Document assembly.
                            h - High quality printing.

  -e [ --enable ] arg     A string of permissions flags (see above) that can be
                          enabled. If there is a conflict with one of flags in
                          'disable' option the permission is not granted.
  --title arg             Sets document's 'Title' description.
  --author arg            Sets document's 'Author' description.
  --subject arg           Sets document's 'Subject' description.
  --keywords arg          Sets document's 'Keywords' description.
  --creator arg           Sets document's 'Creator' description.
  --producer arg          Sets document's 'Producer' description.
  -l [ --linearize ]      Linearize output files.
  --subfolders            Process all subfolders.
  --extension arg (=.pdf) The default file extension used to process PDF
                          documents. The default extension is ".pdf".
  --verb arg (=1)         Set the verbosity level to 'arg' (0-2).
  -v [ --version ]        Print the version information.
  -h [ --help ]           Print a listing of available options.

  pdfsecure -o test_out/ex1/blue_secret.pdf -s 128 -u secret test/blue.pdf
  pdfsecure -o test_out/ex2 -s AES -u secret test
  pdfsecure -o test_out/ex4 -s 128 -w foo -d mcofxs -e ph --subfolders test
  pdfsecure -o test_out/ex5 -s R test test_out/ex4
  pdfsecure -o test_out/ex6 --title "My Title" test
  pdfsecure -o test_out/ex7 -l test_out/ex6

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