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Command-Line Summary for DocPub

Usage: docpub [<options>] file...


  -h [ --help ]                      Print a listing of available options.

  -v [ --version ]                   Print the version information.

  --file... arg                      A list of folders and/or file names to

  -s [ --subfolders ]                Process all subfolders.

  -f [ --format ] arg                The output format. The following is a list
                                     of supported export formats:
                                       xps (Print XPS)
                                       xod (Web optimized XPS, WebViewer format)
                                       epub_exp (epub expanded)

  -o [ --outdir ] arg                The output directory. The folder can be
                                     relative to the current working folder. If
                                     the folder does not exist DocPub will
                                     attempt to create the required path. If
                                     this parameter is not specified all files
                                     will be saved relative to the current
                                     working folder.

  --fname arg                        The explicit name for the converted file.
                                     The parameter is used only when converting
                                     one file at a time. The output file will
                                     be stored in the 'outdir' folder.

  --extension arg                    The file extension which filters the files
                                     to be processed by the specified type.

  -p [ --pass ] arg                  The password to process the input file.
                                     The password is required only when the
                                     input document is encrypted.

  --noprompt                         Disables any user input. By default, the
                                     application will ask for a valid password
                                     if the password is incorrect.

  --suffix arg                       A string to append to all output
                                     filenames. This option is typically used
                                     to tag output filenames during multi-file
                                     or batch conversion. For example, if input
                                     file is "my.pdf" and suffix is "_pdfa" the
                                     output filename will be "my_pdfa.pdf".

  -e [ --output_extension ] arg      The file extension which will replace the
                                     output format extension. For example if
                                     the output format is set to 'xod' and
                                     output extension is set to 'xps' the
                                     extension of the output file will be

  -z [ --linearize ]                 Linearize the converted PDF files.

  --verb arg (=1)                    Set the verbosity level to 'arg' (0-5).

  --noprinter                        Disable virtual print driver use.

  --config arg                       Load xml file to configure font
                                     substitution for missing fonts. By
                                     default, tries to load the file
                                     "config.xml" in the current working

  --xfdf arg                         (For PDF output only.) Merge xfdf file
                                     into PDF output.

  -d [ --dpi ] arg (=140)            For conversions to .xps, .xod, .html or
                                     .epub only. The output resolution, from 1
                                     to 1000, in Dots Per Inch (DPI) at which
                                     to render elements which cannot be
                                     directly converted. The higher the DPI,
                                     the largre the image.

  --printmode                        For conversions to .xps or .xod only.
                                     Renders annotations in the print mode.
                                     This option can be used to render 'Print
                                     Only' annotations and to hide 'Screen
                                     Only' annotations.

  --norender                         For conversions to .xps or .xod only.
                                     Disables rendering of pages which cannot
                                     be mapped accurately.

  --enhance_thin_lines arg (=true)   For conversions to .xps or .xod only.  If
                                     converting from PDF can enable or disable
                                     making thin lines appear thicker in the
                                     output document.  This is useful because
                                     some thin lines can appear invisible in
                                     XPS/XOD, but not in the original PDF.

                                       true, thin lines are enhanced.
                                       false, lines are not enhanced.
                                     By default, true is used.

  --url_links                        For conversions to .xps, .xod, .html or
                                     .epub only. By default links are not
                                     generated for urls found in the document.
                                     This option enables that generation.
  --internal_links                   For conversions to .html or .epub only. By
                                     default internal page jumps are not
                                     generated for go to page navigations found
                                     in the document. This option enables that
  --op arg (=pdfx)                   For conversions to .xps or .xod only.
                                     Specifies if overprint simulation is used.
                                     Overprint is a device dependent feature
                                     and the results will vary depending on the
                                     output color space and supported colorants
                                     (i.e. CMYK, CMYK+spot, RGB, etc). Possible
                                     values are:
                                       off, overprint is turned off
                                       on, overprint is turned on
                                       pdfx, overprint is turned on only for
                                      PDF/X files
                                     By default, pdfx is used.

  --nothumbs                         For conversions to .xod only.  Exclude
                                     thumbnails from the document.

  --thumbsize arg (=400,1500)        For conversions to .xod only. The width
                                     and height of a square (pixels) in which
                                     thumbnails will be contained. The value
                                     can be specified as a single number which
                                     applies to all thumbnails or as two comma
                                     separated values normal,large in order to
                                     specify a different size for large PDF
                                     pages. The default value is 400 pixels for
                                     normal pages and 1500 pixels for large
  --console_out                      For conversions to .xod only and exactly
                                     one input file may be specified.  Write
                                     the output to the console rather than a
                                     file which allows output files to be
                                     streamed to the consumer.

  --mask_workaround                  For conversions to .xod only.  Enable
                                     rendering of pages containing opacity
                                     masks.  This option is used as a
                                     workaround to a bug in Silverlight where
                                     opacity masks are transformed incorrectly.
  --silverlight_text_workaround      For conversions to .xod only. Outputs
                                     rotated text as paths. This option is used
                                     as a workaround to a bug in Silverlight
                                     where pages with rotated text could cause
                                     the plugin to crash.
  --max_image_pixels arg (=10000000) For conversions to .xod, .pdf (with
                                     flattening), .html or .epub. Specifies the
                                     maximum image size in pixels.
  --scale arg (=1)                   For conversions to .html or .epub only.
                                     Adjusts the generated html page size.

  --epub_reuse_cover                 For conversions to .epub only. The first
                                     EPUB page uses the cover image, and will
                                     have no selectable text.
  --simplify_text                    Produces lightweight HTML output that
                                     loads faster, but placement of individual
                                     characters may be less precise.
                                     The option applies only to HTML/EPUB

  --flatten arg                      For conversions to .xod and to .pdf only.
                                     Used to reduce some PDF content to a
                                     simple background image. While flattening
                                     tries to preserve vector text, some text
                                     might be flattened, especially in simple
                                       off, disable flattening.
                                       fast, will convert content deemed
                                      complex to a background image, while
                                      trying to preserve vector text, and
                                      keeping file size down.
                                       simple, reduces the PDF to two layers; a
                                      RGB background image layer and an
                                      overlapping vector text layer.
                                     By default, fast is used for conversion to
                                     .xod and off is used for conversion to

  --flatten_threshold arg (=default) For conversions that use --flatten
                                     [simple|fast]. Used to control how precise
                                     or relaxed text flattening is. Some text
                                     can be preserved (not flattened to image)
                                     at the expense that the output might not
                                     be exactly the same as the input.
                                       very_strict, render (flatten) any text
                                      that is clipped or occluded.
                                       strict, render text that are marginally
                                      clipped or occluded.
                                       default, render text that are somewhat
                                      clipped or occluded.
                                       keep_most, only render text that are
                                      seriously clipped or occluded.
                                       keep_all, only render text that are
                                      completely occluded, or used as a
                                      clipping path.

  --prefer_jpg arg (=true)           For conversions to .xod, .html, .epub or
                                     to .pdf with --flatten [simple|fast],
                                     only. Where possible, output JPG files
                                     rather than PNG. This will apply to both
                                     thumbnails and document images.
                                       true, generate JPG whenever possible.
                                       false, no preference given to JPG.
                                     By default, true is used.

  --builtin_docx arg (=false)        For conversions from .docx format, prefer
                                     the built-in native conversion over any
                                     system dependent conversion
                                       true, use native conversion whenever
                                      possible (currently for .docx only).
                                       false, will only use native conversion
                                      if there are no other methods available.
                                     By default, native conversion is not

  --resource_doc arg                 The path to an office document that will
                                     be searched for embedded resources during
                                     office conversion process. This document
                                     could contain embedded fonts that are not
                                     present in the document to convert, for
                                     example. This setting only has an effect
                                     for office conversions using the built-in
                                     converter (see the "builtin_docx" option)
  --jpg_quality arg                  Set JPG compression quality, from 0 to
  --external_parts                   For conversions to .xod only. Output XOD
                                     as a collection of loose files rather than
                                     a zip archive. This option should be used
                                     when using the external part retriever in
  --silverlight_flash_compatible     For conversions to .xod only. The latest
                                     XOD format is only partially supported in
                                     Silverlight and Flash due to various
                                     optimizations in the text format and the
                                     addition of blend mode support. This
                                     option forces the converter to use an
                                     older version of XOD that is
                                     Silverlight/Flash compatible but does not
                                     have these improvements. By default the
                                     latest XOD format is generated.
  --xod_encrypt_password arg         For conversions to .xod only. Encrypt XOD
                                     parts with AES 128 encryption using the
                                     supplied password.
  --annotations arg                  For conversions to .xod only. Choose how
                                     to output annotations. The following is a
                                     list of supported annotation output
                                       internal (include the annotation file in
                                      the XOD output. This is the default
                                       external (output the annotation file
                                      externally to the same output path with
                                      extension .xfdf. This option is not
                                      available with the console_out option)

  docpub  in1.pdf in2.xps -o todir
  docpub fromdir -o todir -f pdf
  docpub -o outdir in.doc -f xps
  docpub fromdir -o outdir -z --subfolders --verb 2 -f xps

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