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Update to latest version

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chevron_rightVia Maven package manager:
chevron_rightVia manual AAR file integration:

linkVia Maven package manager:

If your app is integrating our libraries via gradle's Maven package manager, you can simply update the version of PDFTron referenced in your app's build.gradle file. You can either specify the latest version by the exact version number, or simply put + to tell gradle to look for the latest version:

dependencies {
    implementation "com.pdftron:pdftron:6.8.+"
    implementation "com.pdftron:tools:6.8.+"
    implementation "com.pdftron:demo:6.8.+"

linkVia manual AAR file integration:

If your app is integrating our libraries via the manual process, you will need to follow the same steps again whenever a new version of the PDFNetAndroid library zip is obtained.