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Fill form fields

Fill form fields

There are two options to fill form fields. First is using a UI component that can fill form fields. Second is an API guide to programmatically fill form fields.

Fill PDF forms with Android

Interactive form filling for form fields such as text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns, signatures, etc. is supported by the PDFTron Android SDK.

Form Filling

Disable form filling

You can disable form field editing altogether by configuring ToolManager using the ToolManagerBuilder and disabling the FORM_FILL:

// Create a custom ToolManager with disabled form filling
ToolManager.ToolMode[] toolModes = {ToolManager.ToolMode.FORM_FILL};
ToolManagerBuilder tmBuilder = ToolManagerBuilder.from()
// Add ToolManagerBuilder to your ViewerConfig
ViewerConfig config = new ViewerConfig.Builder()
    // ...

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