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PDFTron full vs. standardkeyboard_arrow_down

PDFTron full or standard? Which version is for me?

PDFTron library comes in two versions: full and standard.

In order to help our customers to create applications with a smaller APK size, the standard version omits a number of features such as:

Rendering speed and quality are the same for both versions of the library.

The following table compares the APK size of a sample project in which different architecture and PDFTron library versions were used.

PDFTron libraryArchitecturethe sample APK size
Fullarmeabi16 MB
Fullarmeabi-v7a15 MB
Fullarm64-v8a16 MB
Fullx8616 MB
Fullx86_6417 MB
Fullcombined64 MB
Standardarmeabi9 MB
Standardarmeabi-v7a9 MB
Standardarm64-v8a9 MB
Standardx8610 MB
Standardx86_6410 MB
Standardcombined31 MB

Here are some scenarios to help you decide which one to use:

  • I need minimum size possible and I only need to render PDFs
    Standard version

  • I want to use the demo utils package com.pdftron:demo or demo.aar
    Full version

  • I need to display non-pdf documents
    Full version

  • I need to display documents with reflow
    Full version

  • I need to optimize, redact, or flatten PDFs
    Full version

  • I need to convert PDF pages to TIFF formats
    Full version

  • I need to build a file browser that displays all files on a device with first page preview for each
    Full version

  • I need right to left support
    Full version

If none of the above fits your situation, you are more than welcome to consult the PDFTron support team so we can find the best option for you.