Annotation dialog fragment

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The AnnotationDialogFragment dialog class shows a list of all annotations in a document being viewed by a PDFViewCtrl. The list contains any comments that have been added to the annotations.

Show annotation dialog

To create a new instance of the annotation dialog fragment call newInstance() and set the PDFViewCtrl:

AnnotationDialogFragment annotationDialogFragment = AnnotationDialogFragment.newInstance()
annotationDialogFragment.setStyle(DialogFragment.STYLE_NO_TITLE,;, "annotation_dialog");


You can set a listener via setAnnotationDialogListener(AnnotationDialogListener) to be notified when an annotation item is clicked, or when document annotations are exported to a PDF doc when users click on the export floating action button.


If the document has write access, users can delete existing annotations by long-pressing on the annotation. To specify whether the document is read-only call setReadOnly(boolean).