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Version 6.8.2 Changelog (April 20, 2018)


Release Date: April 20, 2018

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  • Fixed: signature dialog does not resize when rotating the device
  • Fixed: when editing a free text, non-related keyboard shortcut is still active
  • Fixed: free text tool is not closed when Pan is selected
  • Fixed: thumbnail slider is too thick on older devices
  • Fixed: keeps selecting preset will make the shape border wider
  • Fixed: sticky note create tool's quick menu does not dismiss when Pan is selected
  • Fixed: double tap in free hand zooms instead of draw dots
  • Fixed: upside down words in Outline dialog when Persian is the default language
  • Fixed: signature dialog pen icon does not change color regardless what was picked in the color picker
  • Fixed: annotation list for text markup shows wrong content
  • Fixed: click into a sub menu in Outline dialog, dismiss, and open the outline again, no more back arrow to previous outline level
  • Fixed: possibility of losing ink when edit ink in night mode

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