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Version 6.10.0 Changelog (March 4, 2019)


Release Date: March 4, 2019

linkNew features

  • Standard version of PDFTron Android SDK is now available through gradle integration, see integration guide
  • New UI component for comparing pages
  • New UI component for editing page labels
  • New UI component for viewing OCG layers
  • New UI component for creating watermark
  • Adds support for TIF/TIFF file format through the universal file opening API, see guide for DocumentActivity, PdfViewCtrlTabHostFragment, and PDFViewCtrl
  • New API to determine which annotation icons should show on phone portrait collapsed mode in Annotation Toolbar, see Annotation Toolbar guide
  • 9 new showcase samples were added to the Showcase sample project to help you implement similar features to your application faster. Samples include:
Compare pagesPage labelOCG layer
WatermarkAnnotation extractionForm extraction
Text extractionImage extractionPDF to image


  • Fixes manual cropping dialog UI to match material design guideline
  • Fixes annotation style editor's text preview did not draw properly on Pie
  • Fixes reflow control got cutoff on Pie devices with notch
  • Fixes issue where too many annotation comment indicators showed up on some files
  • Fixes unexpected jumping when undo/redo page rotation in thumbnail browser
  • Fixes redaction did not work properly on rotated pages
  • Fixes search would crash if TextHighlighter tool was disabled



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