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v5.8.0 (2012-05-29)keyboard_arrow_down

Version 5.8.0 Changelog (May 29, 2012)


Release Date: May 29, 2012


  • Added TextExtractor.getTextUnderAnnot() function and added the example usage in Tools.jar.
  • Added PDFViewCtrl.setZoom(double zoom, boolean usesnapshot) and PDFViewCtrl.setZoom(int x, int y, double zoom, boolean usesnapshot) methods. Also added the sample code in Tools.jar (Tool.onDoubleTap()) to show how to customize PDFViewCtrl's onDoubleTap behavior.
  • Added PDFViewCtrl.RenderingListener interface and PDFViewCtrl.setRenderingListener() to listen to start and end rendering events. Also added sample code in PDFViewCtrlDemo to show how to use them to show a spinner while PDFViewCtrl is rendering.
  • Fixed the positioning bug in QuickMenu due to the bug in ICS (API 14, 15).
  • Added 'Headers' folder in the SDK that contains the C++ header files that can be used with the native library to write native code.
  • Changed the armv7 native library's name from "Lib\armeabi-v7a\" to "Lib\armeabi-v7a\". This is to get around the bug that ICS doesn't load armv7 version of the library properly even if a device is armv7 compatible.
  • Misc bug fixes and improvements.

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