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PDFTron Customer Testimonials

What developers are saying about PDFTron SDK.

When we initially considered PDFTron's PDF library for integration with our products, we evaluated the library very carefully and definitely put it through its paces before rolling it out. It's been g...

Scott Mackey

Director of Product Management, Cofounder, Adlib Software, Inc.

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The speed at which they integrate is superior to their competition and their product roadmap has been good -- they’ve invested in the right things.

Marcus O’Brien

Global Head of Product Management, AutoCAD

PDFTron's document technology platform is fast, reliable, and painless to use. It has unique features that we simply could not find in other tools. PDFTron saved our team countless development hours, ...

David Sabour

Director, Digital Platforms, FranklinCovey

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PDFTron had particularly strong annotation and collaboration features, and their cross-platform approach allowed us to accelerate how we delivered products. There are some things I believe we’ll go fu...

Sam Stuart

Senior Product Manager, Bentley Systems

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PDFTron demonstrated superior speed and functionality out of the box. In contrast, the competition took a lot of shortcuts, and it was obvious in the user experience.

Alistair Michener

Founder and CEO, Drawboard

PDFTron’s WebViewer provides a unified viewer capability for various document formats, and we are now extending that to our video viewing capabilities as well. We are adding viewer comments to the wor...

Ashish Mukherjee

VP of Engineering, Datasite

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PDFTron’s model of separating the UX elements from the actual document parser and processor is the right architecture and an excellent model for enabling customization. We were able to build our very ...

Saby Agarwal

Head of Product Management, Bluescape

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The feedback we've had has been extremely positive. We've seen high levels of adoption among our customers, like William Blair and DuPont, including strong adoption of the regular expression feature.

Bryan Mannetta

Product Principal, SS&C Intralinks

We needed a standards-compliant, scalable, and resilient SDK for serving PDF files to clients, whereas previously, we had relied on open-source and commercial PDF libraries. PDFTron consolidated all t...

John Lazenby

Technical Development Director, Phlexglobal

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It’s a very robust product that has great integration capabilities across different platforms. They have been very helpful and great to work with. We’ve had situations where we’ve reached out to them ...

Anwar Qureshi

Development Supervisor, FIS

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PDF/A conformity is an important requirement in Raisin's financial service business when it comes to qualified electronically signed documents. After doing some research we decided to integrate PDFTro...

Dr. Gerhard Köstler

Chief Technology Officer, Raisin GmbH

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PDFTron is so present and gets so involved in our problems. They have helped our engineering team scale quickly, move faster, and deploy faster without having to hire a lot of people. It’s like having...

Ryan Whitham

CEO and Co-Founder, Papercurve

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We spent a lot of time comparing options, and PDFTron outshined the competition with by far the most comprehensive solution. Frequent updates to the SDK meant it would cover our future roadmap require...

Matthew Henschke

MD, CEO and Lead Developer, AVA Industries Ltd.

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Considering all aspects of performance, quality, and technical capability, there was no contest. PDFTron provided everything we needed to embed PDF viewing in our product, while retaining our applicat...

John Sperling

VP Product Management, Aras Corporation

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Our primary requirement was, here is a big chunk of demanding PDF files. Can you open them? When we pushed most of these 190 PDFs through PDFTron, we couldn’t find one that didn’t open. And from what ...

Tony Cornwall

Product and Development Manager, Construction Computer Software (CCS)

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PDFTron provided everything we needed to seamlessly embed fast and robust document viewing and manipulation in our product. If a customer asks us about choosing a document SDK, I'd recommend PDFTron.

Stuart Lynch

Product Director, Encode

PDFTron is one of our top rated vendors over the last 10 years. Their SDK is extremely powerful, reliable, easy to use and does it all. Great above and beyond support with zero issues. 5 Stars!

Victor Maynard

Chief Technical Officer, Professional Mail Services Inc

If somebody were to ask me about a vendor -- on a technical, personal and commercial level -- my advice would be to go with PDFTron. They really removed from our table any concerns about our ability t...

Avshi Segev

Co-Founder and CEO, Kalsefer Digital Solutions

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PDFTron provides a flexible, performant and customizable SDK, that is the ideal solution to enhance our user’s experience within AKAD Campus. We’ve used other providers before who were limited and unr...

Norman Grötzbach

Chief Technical Officer, AKAD University of Applied Sciences

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One of the biggest things we hear from our customers is how our new solution is really easy to use. With the previous software as complex as it was, customer training was much, much more involved. I w...

Wayne Wyngaard

Solutions Manager, OEC Graphics

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PDFTron provided us with an out-of-the-box solution that was easy to configure, while still being highly customizable. That meant quick and easy implementation, plus the ability to adjust to our end u...

Olaf Rathgeb

Chief Technical Officer, Fr. Meyer’s Sohn (GmbH & Co.) KG

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When reviewing options for a PDF SDK, PDFTron stood out from the competition for the depth and breadth of its functionality. It's also really easy to work with - solid documentation, in-depth tutorial...

Martin Hibdon

Senior Software Engineer,

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