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Leadership Team

The PDFTron leadership team includes savvy entrepreneurs, visionary technologists, and PDF experts with decades of industry experience.

Ivan Nincic
CTO / Founder

Having founded PDFTron in 1998 with the development of PDFTron’s SDK from the ground-up, today Ivan is responsible for shaping the company’s long-term technology vision and driving the gears of innovation across the company. He is passionate about empowering the world with technologies that revolutionize how we work with documents. He serves as an active member in standardization bodies - including the ISO PDF Committee. He remains a creative, hands-on programmer at heart and still gets involved in code whenever he gets the chance.

Catherine Andersz
CEO / Co-Founder

As Co-Founder of PDFTron Systems Inc., Catherine has been responsible for driving PDFTron's growth from the beginning. She shapes the long-term business strategy and is passionate about building a company delivering the best experience to both customers and employees. She also manages the day-to-day operations of the sales, legal, marketing, and customer support teams, while still involved in business development on a daily basis. Catherine has also been elected to the Board of Directors of the PDF Association.

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