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Meet the Leadership Team

Bringing years of experience in documents and software.

Ivan Nincic

CTO / Founder

Catherine Andersz

CEO / Co-Founder

Brian Cannon

VP of Finance

Craig Clark


Louisa Yeung

VP of Corporate Development

Randall Isaac

VP of Sales

Sam Beydoun

Sales Manager

Jennifer Conrathe

Client Relations Manager

Michael Hobkirk

VP of Legal

Aaron Gravesdale

Head of Solution Engineering

Ryan Barr

Head of Technical Support &
Customer Success

Stephanie Watson

Sales Operations Manager

Shirley Gong

Head of Android

James Borthwick

Head of iOS

Matt Parizeau

Head of Web

David Tippett

Head of Web Systems and Conversion

Aleksy Jones

Head of Core Systems and Rendering

David Kirby

Head of Design

Board of Directors

Ivan Nincic

CTO / Founder

Ivan founded PDFTron in 1998 with the development of the core technology from ground-up. Today, Ivan is responsible for shaping the company’s long-term technology vision and driving the gears of innovation across the company. Ivan is also involved on the ISO committees responsible for the continuous evolution of the PDF format.

Catherine Andersz

CEO / Co-Founder

As co-founder, Catherine shapes and executes PDFTron’s business strategy and manages operations. She is passionate about building a company delivering the best experience to both customers and employees. Catherine also serves on the board of directors for the PDF Association.

Jim Quagliaroli


Jim co-founded Silversmith Capital Partners in 2015. At Silversmith, Jim focuses on investments across the firm’s two core verticals, SaaS & Information Services and Healthcare IT & Services.

Sri Rao


Sri joined Silversmith Capital Partners in 2015 and is a General Partner. At Silversmith, Sri focuses on investments in SaaS & Information Services, including sales, marketing and customer service related technology companies.

Nathaniel Gibbs


Nat joined Silversmith Capital Partners in 2017. At Silversmith, Nat focuses on investments across the firm’s two core verticals: SaaS & Information Services, including IT & Developer tools; and Healthcare IT & Services.

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