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Please apply by emailing your resume and cover letter to

What do entry-level marketers work on?

Entry-level marketers work on projects related to analytics, social media, influencer outreach, event planning, SEO, content creation, and more.

What skills are you looking for?

We are hiring marketers with some expertise in statistics, market research, software technology, journalism, and writing.

What time of year do you hire?

We hire year-round.

Are there developer opportunities?

Yes. Please review our posted opportunities for a complete list of our technical and non-technical roles.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

For all inquiries related to professional and student recruitment and opportunities, please contact

Testimonial quote
My co-op position has been a blend of responsibility and opportunity. Working on the OCR module exposed me to all stages of the software development lifecycle and allowed me to accumulate my own bumps and bruises. I worked with tools most co-ops dream about, while being trusted with strategic decisions, such as API design.
Testimonial profile
Andrew Bolyachevets
Co-op Student
Testimonial quote
In the co-op job description PDFTron Systems promises students ongoing mentorship, participation in exciting projects, invaluable real-world experience, engaging challenges and fun atmosphere. I completed my co-op term at PDFTron in the summer of 2010 and I can testify that PDFTron delivers on each and every promise it makes and then some. Interesting work, thoughtful management and a supportive team. PDFTron Systems provides an ideal co-op experience. I highly recommend it.
Testimonial profile
Ilia Pak
BSc 4th-year student, UBC
Testimonial quote
I chose PDFTron for my co-op because it offered a true challenge allowing me to really progress in my skills and knowledge. I was not debugging someone else's code, but worked on designing and implementing complex algorithms on a project I felt great about. I really love that my contributions as a co-op intern were utilized in real-time deliverables. I felt like I am a real member of the team! Finally, the atmosphere and culture here is great!
Testimonial profile
Sam Yip
Simon Fraser University

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