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Changing the way the world works with documents

We’re the #1 choice for those considering a commercial PDF SDK

PDFTron SDK is a technology platform that brings PDF, CAD, and MS Office capabilities to any software. It’s an easier and faster way to build document functionality, making your developers more productive and your users happier.

PDFTron Ranked #1 by Stax

$95 Million Growth Investment

PDFTron is backed by tier-1 growth equity firm Silversmith Capital Partners, who has provided additional resources for strategic acquisitions and to further accelerate R&D.

Recent PDFTron acquisitions

Shaping the Future

With the PDF format now an international standard, PDFTron has representation on the PDF ISO committees, shaping the future of document formats. Our CEO Catherine Andersz also serves on the PDF Association’s board of directors.

Putting Our Customers First

PDFTron has the highest Net Promoter Score in the industry at 63, with the average among the top five vendors being 35, according to a research report by Stax.

Testimonial quote
PDFTron is an excellent technology partner.
Testimonial profile
Scott Mackey
Director of Product Management
Cofounder, Adlib Software, Inc.
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We are looking forward to a productive collaboration.
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Jan Reichelt
Co-Founder & Former Director, Mendeley Ltd.
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We’re in a better position to handle all our present and future PDF requirements.
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Tony Cornwall
Product and Development Manager, Construction Computer Software (CCS)

Helping The Planet

Our document technology powers applications that replace paper with eco-friendly digital processes — saving trees and water, as well as reducing the world’s carbon footprint. Xodo, PDFTron’s free PDF reader & editor, is used by millions of people every day.

34 trees
saved every day

3,993 litres of water
saved every day

2 tonnes of CO2 equivalent
saved every day

Powering Digital Transformation

More than 1,000 enterprises, startups, and governments from 50+ countries have partnered with PDFTron to power digital transformation projects. Read some of their stories.

Our Accolades

What industry analysts and the media have to say about PDFTron.

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PDFTron is known for its high technical competency relative to the competition.
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PDFTron has emerged as a leading innovator globally.
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At the core of PDFTron is world-class intellectual property.
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Keep your eyes on PDFTron, it should be interesting moving forward.
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What We Believe In

To provide the best developer experience while creating winning document solutions that users love, backed by security, reliability and the peace of mind of working with a proven partner.


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Help those around you exceed their own expectations.


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