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Document SDK

PDF to Office SDK

PDF to Office Conversion SDK

Accurately convert PDF to Office (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX) and retain the layout and format of your original documents. Neither MS Office licenses nor external third-party dependencies are required.

Add PDF to Office Conversion to Your Application

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PDF to Word Conversion

Convert PDFs to Word faithfully for easy editing. Converted documents retain the flow and layout of your original file, preserving fonts, columns, tables, headers/footers, images, and even lists and tables of content across multiple pages.

pdf to word

PDF to Excel Conversion

Accurately convert PDFs to Excel spreadsheets: turn your PDF tables into perfectly formatted .XLSX sheets that are easy to edit, update, and analyze.

pdf to excel

PDF to PowerPoint Conversion

Convert PDFs to PowerPoint for easy editing. Converted presentation files accurately retain the original design, layout, graphics, and even lists and content tables.

pdf to powerpoint

Scalable Document Processes, Free from Bottlenecks & Restrictions

Multi-threaded, server-side conversion allows simultaneous processing of millions of documents, which sidesteps MS Office-imposed restrictions on server-side processes.

scalable document processes

Recognition & Vectorization of Images, Logos, Icons, and Barcode Fonts

Conversion recognizes graphics and vectorizes them to retain the quality and accuracy of your layout, graphics, and even barcodes. Convert back to PDF if you need to and retain barcode functionality and appearance.

Recognition & Vectorization

Automatic OCR Processing

Apply Optical Character Recognition with automatic language detection when you convert to Office. Requires one of two available OCR modules: Advanced or Basic.

Automatic OCR Processing

The Complete MS Office and Document SDK at Your Fingertips

Grow your application’s value when you’re ready. Easily add out-of-the-box components for client-side document viewing, annotating, and many other document capabilities, for 160+ file formats on any platform.

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