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CAD Viewer SDK

Bring fast, accurate and reliable CAD viewing to any application with a CAD Viewer SDK proven to handle the large and complex drawings used in today’s architecture, engineering, and construction workflows.

View CAD Files on Any Platform

Let users view complex CAD, BIM and 20+ other file types quickly and flawlessly, even at high zoom, on all platforms and devices. Easily show or hide layers in a drawing.

No CAD Licenses

Support CAD and BIM formats, including DWG, DXF, RVT, DWF, and DGN, without you or your users needing any CAD software, CAD licenses, or third-party dependencies.

Fully Customizable UI/UX

Increase adoption and productivity by simplifying the open source UI. Match your desired look and feel. Hide unnecessary features -- or add custom annotations that trigger workflows.

Markup, Annotate, & Collaborate

Convert to PDF and easily drop in all types of existing or custom markups. Have annotations from many users appear on the same drawing in real time. Add roles, permissions or an audit trail.
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Generate high-quality vector printouts. Rasterize specific regions, subsets, or layers of a drawing. Programmatically bundle many files into a PDF portfolio for easier, faster printing at scale.
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Add Even More Functionality

Speed time to market with a CAD SDK -- supporting all major platforms, 30+ file formats, and many unique features.
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