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Bring accurate, reliable and fast support for CAD and BIM formats to any application or workflow with a CAD SDK proven to handle the large and complex drawings used in today’s architecture, engineering, and construction workflows.

No CAD Licenses

Support CAD and BIM formats, including Autodesk AutoCAD® DWG™, DXF™, RVT™, DWF™, and Bentley MicroSation® DGN™, without you or your users needing any CAD software or CAD licenses.

Web, Server, Desktop

Add CAD functionality to any platform with a unified API across web, Windows, Mac, or Linux. Use a single codebase with Xamarin, React Native, Flutter, or other frameworks.

Fully Customizable UI/UX

Increase adoption and productivity by simplifying the open source UI. Match your desired look and feel. Hide unnecessary features -- or add custom annotations that trigger workflows.

CAD Functionality

View CAD Files

Let users view complex CAD, BIM and 20+ other file types quickly and flawlessly, even at high zoom, on all platforms and devices. Easily show or hide layers in a drawing.
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Convert From CAD

Easily add high-fidelity direct conversion from CAD files, including 3D models, on any web, mobile, server or desktop software. Convert to PDF, PDF/A, PDF/E-2, image file types, and more.
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Preview CAD Files

Quickly generate compact page-one previews and thumbnails of CAD drawings, designs, or blueprints, and display them in any client.

CAD-to-PDF Functionality

Utilize the PDF format to support a rich array of additional CAD functionality in your software

Markup & Annotate

Drop in or remove all types of existing PDF markups, including stamp, watermark, call-out comments, free text, signature and shape tools, and more. Create your own custom annotation appearances.
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Real-time Collaboration

Have markups from many users appear on the same document in real time while preserving an original version of the drawing. Manage annotations in a separate XFDF layer. Add roles, permissions or an audit trail.

Measuring Tools

Give users the ability to measure distance, trace a perimeter or calculate area. Enable accurate measurement with snap-to-point and adjust the scale of measurement to meet drawing specs.
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Compare Files

Make it easy to spot slight visual differences at a glance with version comparison features. Compare documents side by side or in version overlays with highlighted changes.


Generate high-quality vector printouts. Rasterize specific regions, subsets, or layers of a drawing. Programmatically bundle many files into a PDF portfolio for easier, faster printing at scale.
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Quickly sift through documents by adding bookmarks, notes, and highlights. And power complex search by extracting text and annotations.
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Support for Brava! Annotations

Keep working on drawings marked up in Brava!® on PDFTron’s native and web-based viewers. Convert Brava! annotations in XRL™ to XFDF -- the ISO-standard format for annotations interchange. (Only supported for annotations made on PDFs.)

Edit, Manipulate, & Assemble

Stamp documents with an image, text, or a date. Adjust with features to split and merge files, and features to rotate, remove, crop and reorder pages. Programmatically or free-form by your users.
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Data Extraction

Reduce manual data entry with intelligent, automated data extraction. Read title information or detect tables and extract the information as XML or HTML.
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Embed free-form redaction in your app to let users permanently remove sensitive information from case documents. Add automated redaction to your workflows to search and anonymize confidential information.
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PDF Layers

Preserve CAD and BIM layers as Optional Content Groups (OCGs) when converting to PDF. Let users toggle layer visibility in a viewer. Programmatically create, edit, or extract OCGs.
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Add Even More Functionality

Speed time to market with the most complete PDF SDK on the market -- supporting all major platforms, 30+ file formats, and hundreds of unique features.
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