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Our Brands

Since inception, PDFTron has continuously grown its platform offering to drive its mission of changing the way the world works with documents.

Today, PDFTron owns numerous brands that capture the key facets of its all-encompassing document and digital content transformation platform - the result of both the strong innovation and R&D, as well as acquisitions.


Software Developer Solutions


PDFTron is a premier global provider of high-performance document processing technology. Our market-leading SDK powers next generation software applications.


Specialized on server-side automation, ActivePDF is a leader in driving automated PDF creation, manipulation and processing within software applications.

PDF.js Express

Imagine PDFTron’s powerful user interface on top of the open-source PDF.js rendering engine: PDF.js Express is the perfect affordable PDF SDK for basic viewing and annotating.

Solid Documents

The Solid Framework is the industry’s chosen benchmark SDK for PDF to Office document conversion and PDF/A archiving solutions via desktop, automated batch processing and .NET.


As the market pioneer in 3D PDF manipulation and conversion, PDF3D’s technology is a cornerstone for anyone looking to use 3D documents in our SDK solutions.

Iceni Technology

With its innovative PDF translation technology, Iceni carved out a unique positioning for their suite of server-, web- and desktop-based PDF manipulation solutions.


Enterprise-Ready APIs, Integrations and SaaS Products

Breaking new ground into the next generation of document understanding, takes decades of combined experience to transform how machines work with your documents.

Windward Studios

As a leader in the document generation space, Windward joined PDFTron with its industry-benchmark quality offering of data-powered, smart document creation tools.

BCL Technologies

BCL’s acquisition brought on board highly differentiated data extraction APIs and complements PDFTron’s document technology platform.


Enterprise User and Consumer Applications


Built on the PDFTron technology stack, Xodo is the ultimate high-performance, cross-platform PDF viewing and annotating app for mobile and web.

PDFTron’s versatile commercial SDK was used to create this powerful, consumer-friendly SaaS suite of PDF viewing, annotating, editing and conversion tools.

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