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Apr 28 2022

Introducing the New PDFTron SDK for WinUI

by Robson Pontin

We are excited to announce a brand new native Windows SDK. Now developers can create and deploy desktop applications leveraging the next generation of Microsoft UI framework called Windows UI (WinUI) 3 along with PDFTron's leading PDF SDK features.

PDFTron's new WinUI SDK gives developers a comprehensive toolkit to develop a complete desktop/Win32 document experience using the latest Microsoft UI technology, part of the


You can start development right away. Just follow

. Now let’s dive into this release's important details.

Complete Features and Capabilities

This new product includes all of PDFTron’s core features like document creation/generation, high-speed PDF viewing, file type conversion, annotating, page manipulation, and much more. 

Check out the full


In addition to rich functionality, you will also be able to leverage:

Best-in-Class Performance

You can achieve significantly faster rendering speeds. This is due to the WinUI SDK being entirely native to Windows; we use only native Microsoft technology, so viewing is very smooth and fast.

Animation of WinUI PDF viewer used to interact on complex PDFs.

All types of PDFs display with leading speed and accuracy.

Ready-to-Go Components

PDFTron also provides a powerful toolkit package as part of the WinUI SDK to speed up integrations. Ready-to-go tools include those to create and edit annotations, add and sign signature fields, form fill, and more.

Animation of annotation, form filling, and signing tools in a WinUI PDF viewer.

Leverage pre-built features to let users select text, annotate, fill forms, e-sign, etc.

Optional Modules

Lastly, we made sure to make the new SDK fully compatible with PDFTron’s optional modules like OCR, PDF to Office, CAD to PDF, and HTML to PDF conversion.

Learn more about


Benefits of WinUI 3 Desktop Applications

There are many benefits in switching to

desktop/win32 application development compared to UWP.

  • You’re not constrained to sandbox development like UWP; therefore, WinUI allows full directory path access.
  • You can still deploy packaged applications to the Microsoft Store.
  • You can create unpackaged applications that allow developers to quickly deploy/install new desktop applications for any users using a simple wizard.
  • Unlike UWP, WinUI is completely decoupled from the Windows OS version, which makes it easier to maintain.
  • You can do C# development with .NET 5, 6 and any new upcoming version, whereas UWP only supports targeting .NET Core.

Check out our

to see a full implementation with our SDK.

UWP or WinUI 3 - We’ll Support You Each Way

Whether you decide to upgrade today or stay, and upgrade tomorrow, we’ll support you fully.

PDFTron is still supporting, maintaining and adding new features to our

. We understand there is still high usage of this framework, and Microsoft is still in the process of porting UWP native features to WinUI 3.

The path to migrate any UWP application to WinUI 3 should be very straightforward, mostly changing namespaces from Windows.UI.* to Microsoft.UI.*. PDFTron will also provide support to any customer that is interested in migrating.


Customers with a valid PDFTron UWP SDK license already have access to use and explore all the features this new product has to offer. 

If you have any questions, please

our sales department.

Wrap Up

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this new product and the new development opportunities created by WinUI 3! We have many more new features planned in the weeks and months ahead. Please don't hesitate to

if you have any questions or suggestions for future updates.

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Introducing the New PDFTron SDK for WinUI

PDFTron is excited to introduce a brand new SDK for WinUI. Now developers can create and deploy next gen desktop applications combining the latest Microsoft UI framework called WinUI 3 and PDFTron's leading document SDK features.


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