We are pleased to announce the release of WebViewer Server 1.4.0 and the WebViewer Server Installer for Windows . This release features several performance and stability fixes. We've made the WebViewer Server Installer for those who are unable to deploy Docker within their environments.

Changes in how we offer our packages

In an effort to simplify and speed up deployments, we're now offering a pre-built image of WebViewer Server and accompanying tools. This pre-built image is available on DockerHub and is just as configurable as our former package, but does not requires a lengthy and potentially error-prone local build step. The official WebViewer server download is now just a Docker Compose file which will pull from these prebuilt images.

We've chosen to pull our Marketplace offering from Amazon to speed up and simplify our deployment process. We can more easily offer what the Marketplace had directly on our website. This is done through an AWS Cloudformation template which pulls our WebViewer Server images directly from DockerHub when building, and is just as easy to deploy as the Marketplace version was.


Document Comparison

Document comparison now works with WebViewer Server across all web browsers. In order to use this you should enable the new TRN_FORCE_LOSSLESS_IMAGES to ensure high quality comparisons when doing document comparisons. Refer to our diff sample within WebViewer for usage.

WebViewer Server Windows Installer

Since releasing WebViewer Server, we've strived to make it simple to deploy. We have found that Docker for Windows does not support some legacy setups and and certain types of virtualized nesting. To address these deployment issues, we've created an installer which is largely the same as our container offering and can be executed on Windows 7 64 bit systems and greater.

To learn more about our installer, view our new Getting Started page for the installer here .

Stability and Performance

Several fixes have been made to address bugs in both the display of documents and how caching is handled on the server side. This should provide a better experience for end users and less memory usage server side. In addition, the new release of PDFTron 7.0 has been rolled into WebViewer Server.