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Jul 25 2022

How to View XLSX in an Angular Web App

by Andrey Safonov

Looking for an Angular XLSX file viewer? This blog shares how to view Microsoft Office documents in an Angular web app using

WebViewer supports Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats and legacy formats like DOC, XLS, and PPT. 

We'll discuss how to view files client-side, with just a few lines of code, and without server dependencies, Microsoft Office licenses or third-party software. PDFTron’s WebViewer directly converts `DOCX`, `XLSX`, and `PPTX` files using JavaScript and renders them for viewing dynamically. 

Try our

to test WebViewer with your files. 

Check out the full Angular doc viewer demo on our

or visit the documentation
for get-started steps
and further information on additional functionality. 

Additional Functionality 

WebViewer supports more than just viewing Office documents, offering

mail merge
on XLSX templates,
text editing
page manipulation
form filling and creation
, and much more. 

And WebViewer supports formats like PDF, images,

, and

How to View PPTX in an AngularWeb App

Step 1 - Get Started 

Once the Angular doc viewer example is up and running,

the URL, blob, file path, or arrayBuffer to `initialDoc` property in WebViewer constructor. 

Code Example for Angular Document Viewer 

  initialDoc: '',
}, document.getElementById('viewer'));

You can also call `loadDocument` with the same parameters.

  .then(instance => {
    instance.UI.loadDocument('', { filename: 'myfile.xlsx' });

Step 2 - Run the App

You can now run the app via 'npm start'.

To view the npm Angular file viewer xlsx app, navigate to http://localhost:4200/. The app automatically reloads if you change any of the source files.

A Customizable UI

If you want to configure the UI, WebViewer comes with a rich set of APIs. To get an idea of the vast array of possibilities, check out the

. You can also
create your own UI
by referencing our open-source
UI code


Adding Office document viewing and collaboration to your native npm Angular file browser app is straightforward with PDFTron’s WebViewer, a

. Find the source code for this blog post on our

You can also check out other capabilities on our

If you have any questions about PDFTron’s SDK or WebViewer, please


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