Redaction failures cost organizations dearly in terms of expensive litigation, punitive regulatory fines, and damaged reputations. And despite the stakes, these errors happen yearly, impacting even organizations large and prestigious by leaving their redacted content not actually redacted. But there's nothing inevitable about such redaction fails.

Adopting an innovative approach, Virtual Data Room (VDR) visionary and pioneer SS&C Intralinks partnered with PDFTron this year to deliver a unique web-based redaction offering. This combines PDF best practices and the latest technology to eliminate rework, delays, and other pains common to typical redaction methods, empowering Intralinks users to filter sensitive information out of their securely shared documents quickly and with confidence.

Want to learn more about how you can keep you or your clients’ sensitive data safe with cutting-edge PDF technology? Check out the full explainer article on the Intralinks INsights blog.