PDFTron Systems Incorporated, a global provider of industry-leading, high-performance electronic document technology, today announced the immediate availability of PDFNet™ SDK 5.6, an update to PDFTron's flagship PDF development component for advanced, high-quality PDF creation, content extraction, editing, viewing, printing and document conversion. This release features the launch of a brand new module adding support for PDF redaction.

PDFNet SDK is an advanced PDF toolkit used by developers requiring a higher level of PDF integration, performance and control within their commercial applications and enterprise workflows. With PDFNet it is easy to add capabilities such as PDF viewing, conversion to and from PDF, PDF content extraction and advanced PDF editing operations. With the release of PDFNet SDK 5.6, PDFTron expands the toolkit's functionality offering efficient and reliable PDF redaction capabilities.

With printed documents, redaction generally involves blacking-out or cutting-out areas of the printed page. With electronic documents that use formats such as PDF, redaction typically involves removing sensitive content within documents for safe distribution to courts, patent and government institutions, the media, customers, vendors or any other audience with restricted access to the content.

The PDFNet PDF Redaction Add-on offers options to fully remove content within a region of PDF, not just covering or obscuring the content. The redaction process in PDFNet consists of two easy steps and ensures that if a portion of an image, text, or vector graphics is contained in a redaction region, that portion of the image or path data is completely destroyed and is not hidden with clipping or image masks.

The PDFNet API can also be used to review and remove metadata and other content that can exist in a PDF document, including XML Forms Architecture (XFA) content and Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) content.

By supporting all versions of the PDF Specification, including the PDF ISO32000, Adobe® Acrobat® 10.x documents, as well as many damaged, corrupt or malformed PDF files, PDFNet ensures that processing will work for any PDF files encountered, offering full-proof protection of sensitive information found in PDFs. It is thus ideally suited for use by national government agencies, including intelligence, military and criminal justice departments, as well as by all types of large corporations, law firms or insurance agencies that require keeping their information confidential and within the confines of the business operational environment.

"What's great about using the PDFNet toolkit is that, whether you need PDF redaction or any other PDF processing, organizations have the flexibility to either enhance their existing enterprise operational workflows or to develop fully custom enterprise document management solutions that will match their exact needs," said Catherine Andersz, Director of Business Development, PDFTron.

PDFNet SDK is available as a .NET component as well as a cross-platform Java and C/C++ library for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and other platforms. Details on all new features in PDFNet 5.6, product information, sample code, and full-featured free demo versions are available for immediate download at: http://www.pdftron.com/pdf-sdk.

Licenses of PDFNet Core SDK and all the available PDFNet Add-ons can be purchased directly from PDFTron as well as our network of resellers.