We are excited to announce new precompiled PDFNet Python3 libraries are available to download -- another small step in making the dev experience with PDFTron the best it can be.

New Python 3 support makes it a snap to install powerful document processing capabilities while enabling your Python developers to leverage the latest Python features with the highest security.

We currently support Python 3.5 - 3.8 on Windows (x64, x86), Linux (x64, x86), and macOS. By using PIP - Python package manager, you can download and install our Python packages published on Python Package Index (PyPI) with ease.

How to Install

Installation is now just a single one-step command. Enter the following -- and that's it!

On Windows:

python -m pip install PDFNetPython3

On Linux/macOS:

python3 -m pip install PDFNetPython3

After the installation completes, you can add import PDFNetPython3 or from PDFNetPython3 import * and then fully employ our PDFNetPython3 library.

Below is a sample Python script called HelloWorld.py showing how our PDFNetPython3 is integrated.

# You can add the following line to integrate PDFNetPython3
    # into your solution from anywhere on your system so long as
    # the library was installed successfully via pip

    from PDFNetPython3 import *

    def main():


        # This example creates a new document
        # and a new page, then adds the page
        # in the page sequence of the document
        doc = PDFDoc()

        page1 = doc.PageCreate()

        # We save the document in a linearized
        # format which is the most popular and 
        # effective way to speed up viewing PDFs
        doc.Save(("linearized_output.pdf"), SDFDoc.e_linearized)


    if __name__ == "__main__":

Next, to test that your code works, run the script in the folder containing HelloWorld.py via the command prompt:

On Windows:

python -u HelloWorld.py

On Linux/macOS:

python3 -u HelloWorld.py

Further Resources

To learn more about PDFNet Python3 installation, check out our user guide. We look forward to your feedback -- and don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.