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Lasso Selection Tool, Text Link Annotations, and Multi-Language Support with PDFTron 9.0.0 for UWP

We’re proud to announce version 9.0.0 of the PDFTron SDK for UWP and with this release, even more options for developers looking to enrich the user experience when building Windows desktop and mobile apps…

May 5 2021


Measurement Tools, Redaction and Viewer Control with PDFTron SDK 8.1.1 for UWP

Today, we are pleased to announce version 8.1.1 of PDFTron's UWP PDF SDK. This release features brand-new Measurement and Redaction tools for the annotation toolbar, plus a new Viewer Control, combining UI…

Feb 17 2021


New Annotation Toolbar Design, Thumbnail Viewer with Page Overlay and Marquee Zoom on PDFTron SDK 8.1.0 for UWP

Today, we are excited to welcome the new year with version 8.1.0 of PDFTron's UWP PDF SDK, including a better Annotation Toolbar interface with color feedback, a new Marquee Zoom tool, improved…

Jan 7 2021



Introducing ARM64 support, Annotation Manager and a new pure C++ SDK with PDFTron SDK 8.0.1 for UWP

Today, we are excited to announce version 8.0.1 of PDFTron’s UWP SDK. In this release, we are adding support to build UWP applications targeting ARM64 devices, Annotation Manager support, a new C++ SDK for…

Oct 29 2020



How To Build a PDF Viewer With UWP and Cordova

In this blog you will learn how to quickly bring PDF & MS Office viewing, annotating, and editing capabilities to your Cordova project by integrating with the PDFTron UWP SDK. You can learn more about the…

Oct 3 2019


PDF Annotation Groups, Digital Signatures, Widgets and Undo/Redo with PDFTron SDK 7.0.1 for UWP

Well it is that time of the year again… when we release an update incorporating exciting new features to make PDF world an even better place. Do you dream about annotations that are grouped? If yes then we…

Sept 6 2019


Bringing Cloudy Annotation Creation to PDFTron SDK 6.10.4 for UWP

We are excited to announce our new official UWP SDK release (version 6.10.4). Based on the success of the CloudCreate, PolygonCreate and PolylineCreate tools with PDFTron SDKs for Android & iOS platforms…

May 31 2019


New File Compare API With PDFTron SDK 6.10.0 for UWP

It is with great pleasure that we announce our new official UWP SDK release (version 6.10.0). The new release leverages the features, performance and quality improvements of our updated core engine. Many…

Mar 26 2019


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