PDFTron Systems Incorporated, a global provider of industry-leading, high-performance electronic document format technology, today unleashed SilverDox™ SDK, a feature-rich and highly customizable Silverlight document viewer component that enables Silverlight applications with flawless and efficient viewing of PDF, XPS, MS Office, and other document formats.

SilverDox SDK is a universal document viewer and publishing platform for Silverlight that lets developers add PDF, XPS, and universal document viewing capabilities to their Silverlight-based applications.

SilverDox SDK consists of a Silverlight document viewing control and a document publisher component that directly supports PDF, XPS, MS Office, as well as other document formats.

"We are excited to launch SilverDox," comments Catherine Andersz, Director of Business Development at PDFTron. "SilverDox is paving the way for the next generation of RIAs by enabling developers to leverage the power of Silverlight for high-quality document and ebook viewing. It is also currently the only solution that offers reliable, production-quality conversion from PDF and other formats to standard compliant Silverlight XPS."

The lightweight and highly customizable viewer can be freely distributed along with the documents on any web site. Among many advanced features the viewer includes support for resolution independent vector graphics, text search and highlighting, hyperlinking, printing, and fast incremental download. SilverDox viewer does not require any server side technology to work. Users can upload their Silverlight documents to any web site and can send links to their documents without any programming.

Also, because SilverDox documents are a standards-compliant and web-optimized subset of the XPS format, the files can be viewed, printed, and manipulated using WPF, .NET, or any other XPS technology.

"In today's competitive and crowded market, developers must have access to the latest innovations and technologies allowing them to deliver added value to their customers," adds Catherine Andersz. "PDFTron is firmly dedicated to supporting the developer community by incorporating the newest, best technology advancements into PDFTron's product offering and making sure that they are kept up-to-date with regular releases."

SilverDox product information, evaluation downloads and sample code showcasing the toolkit's features are available at: http://www.pdftron.com/webviewer.