PDFTron Systems Incorporated, a leading global provider of cross-platform, high-performance document processing technology related to PDF, XPS, SVG and other graphic file formats, today announced the release of PDF2XPS, a powerful new solution for fast, high-quality conversion from PDF to XPS that faithfully maintains the appearance and characteristics of the source document.

PDFTron's highly anticipated release of PDF2XPS will provide users with an indispensable tool for fast and reliable conversion of PDF files to XPS or OpenXPS documents.

PDF2XPS is unique in that it enables advanced conversion from PDF to XPS that maintains the original document quality and preserves hyperlinks, colors, fonts. Native processing of PDF files in PDF2XPS converts files more accurately and speedily because there is no conversion to an intermediary format. As a result, unlike other conversion options that either require manual operation or produce XPS files of inferior quality and larger size compared to the original PDF files, PDF2XPS converts PDF to XPS without any loss in quality or increase in file size and enables automatic translation of large sets of files with unmatched speed performance.

The resulting self-contained and compact XPS or OpenXPS files can be distributed, viewed, archived, printed, and published. The conversion also offers a wide range of options to control the output file size and image quality.

"PDF2XPS has been developed with the utmost quality, accuracy and performance in mind", says Catherine Andersz, Director of Business Development. "Not only can you convert PDF to XPS and faithfully retain the appearance and characteristics of the source document, but you can fully automate the conversion process for large sets of files with exceptional efficiency. PDF2XPS will be the first commercially available tool addressing all these important aspects of the conversion process as part of one solution."

Like other PDFTron products, PDF2XPS is a stand-alone application and does not rely on any third party components or software. For more info on PDF2XPS, please visit http://www.pdftron.com/pdf2xps.

Key Benefits

  • Fast, accurate, quality conversion of PDF to XPS or OpenXPS.
  • Conversion process maintains the appearance and characteristics of the source document.
  • Enables full automation of the conversion process at great speed and efficiency.
  • Supports all versions of the PDF Language Standard, including Acrobat 9 documents and ISO PDF (ISO 32000).
  • Core technology available for embedding into third party applications.

In addition to PDF2XPS, PDFTron also supports conversion from XPS to PDF as part of XPSConvert, thus empowering users with full interoperability between PDF and XPS, something that is becoming crucial to many business workflows and applications.

For more information on PDFTron's XPS supporting products, please visit PDFTron's website.

Availability and Pricing

is available as a command-line application suitable for use in high-throughput server environments and is currently supported on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms. Free evaluation versions of the PDF2XPS Command-Line Application are available for download.

For developers looking for a software development component to integrate into their applications, PDFTron also offers a PDF to XPS conversion API as part of PDFNet SDK. Please contact PDFTron for pricing information.