PDFTron Systems Inc., a leading software developer specializing in PDF, SVG, and other graphics technologies, today announced an update to PDFNet SDK (v.3.6), a high-quality, comprehensive PDF SDK for PDF creation, manipulation, and rendering.

With many new enhancements and additions to the PDF library right across the board, the new update further boosts the toolkitjs already powerful performance and vast set of functionality, offering developers undoubtedly one of the most advanced PDF toolkits on the market. PDFNet SDK enables developers to incorporate virtually any PDF processing capability into their application or workflow, including PDF content extraction, creation, editing, viewing and printing.

Using PDFNet SDK 3.6, developers will be able to take advantage of an enhanced JBIG2 decoder that can now process any valid JBIG2 stream. Other benefits also include improved font substitution and the ability to fine-tune the color conversion during rasterization with improved ICC color support.

"Being as customer-centric and quality-obsessed as we are, we really listened to our customers and the developer community and primarily focused on implementing improvements and features that will definitely polish the overall operation and experience when working with PDFNet SDK. As such, this release, though minor, addresses a variety of areas and adds a lot of small, yet very meaningful features to a PDF library of the already highest caliber."

More details about the new features in PDFNet SDK 3.6 can be found on the website at: http://www.pdftron.com/pdf-sdk.

A comprehensive listing of functionality and features offered in PDFNet SDK is available at: www.pdftron.com/pdf-sdk.

PDFNet SDK is available as a 100% .NET component that can be used from any .NET language and as a cross-platform C/C++ library for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX and other platforms.

Availability of PDFNet SDK

Fully functional, 60-day evaluation versions of PDFNet SDK are available for download.