PDFTron Systems, a leading software developer specializing in PDF, SVG, and PostScript technologies, today announced the release of a new major version of PDFTron PDF2Image v.3, a stand-alone command-line application designed to convert PDF documents to various raster image file formats. PDF2Image can currently export to PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and RAW, while providing a wide range of options to control the output image size and quality.

The new version of PDF2Image features a brand new, completely redesigned, high-performance, rendering engine and support for Linux® and Mac OSX® platforms. The new release also supports documents secured with 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption and Crypt filters.

Other enhancements include bug fixes and other improvements, such as automatic repair of files with broken cross reference tables and a new configuration file for frequently used options.

Key Features of PDF2Image:

  • Convert PDF to PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and RAW.
  • Support for Unicode and all PDF font formats.
  • Batch conversion.
  • Options to control image rendering quality and compression.
  • Render specific page subsets and page ranges, including different page regions.
  • Options to control annotation and forms rendering.
  • Rasterize high resolution images as tiles or stripes with user defined clip regions.

PDF2Image is ideal for batch processing, thumbnail generation, archiving, as well as server-based, on-demand conversion of PDF documents to various raster image formats. For full details on PDF2Image, please visit www.pdftron.com/pdf2image/.

Availability of PDFTron PDF2Image

An evaluation version of the PDF2Image Command-line application is available for download. All files converted using the demo version will contain a watermark.

CPU Licenses of PDF2Image can be purchased directly online at: www.pdftron.com/licensing/index.html .