PDFTron Systems, a leading software developer specializing in PDF, SVG, and PostScript technologies, today announced the release of a new major version of PDFNet SDK v.3, a high-quality, industry-strength PDF library for PDF creation, manipulation, and rendering.

The new release features a brand new, high-performance, cross-platform rendering engine. "Using the new engine we are able to support all intricacies of the PDF rendering model and provide the same high-fidelity image output on different platforms. This was simply technically not feasible using GDI+ and other major graphics technologies", said Catherine Andersz, Director of Business Development at PDFTron Systems.

Another brand new feature in the new version of PDFNet SDK is a ready-to-use PDF viewing control allowing third-party developers to instantly support the Portable Document Format (PDF) within their own standalone applications.

Other customer-driven enhancements include numerous bug fixes, new sample code projects and other incremental improvements.

Developers can flexibly implement and develop powerful PDF solutions in desktop environments as well as on a wide range of server platforms. PDFNet SDK gives software developers a comprehensive PDF toolkit with a variety of options for PDF document manipulation:

  • Create compact, web-ready, and secured PDF documents from scratch or by assembling existing PDF content.
  • Extract all information available in PDF documents including text positioning, images, fonts, and other information.
  • Edit existing content, stamp text and images, adjust security settings and permissions.
  • Optimize PDF documents using linearization and state of the art compression technologies such as JBIG2 and JPEG2000.
  • Add instant PDF viewing with features such as zooming, continuous viewing, and multi-threaded rendering.
  • Print PDF.
  • Rasterize and export PDF pages to thumbnails or high-resolution images.
  • Process forms. PDFNet SDK can be used to fill in forms and to extract existing data directly or via FDF.
  • Developers can also flatten forms and create new fields with custom appearances.

A comprehensive listing of functionality in PDFNet SDK is available at: www.pdftron.com/pdfnet/features.html.

PDFNet is available as a 100% .NET component that can be used from any .NET language (e.g. C#, VB.NET) and as a cross-platform C/C++ library for Windows (NT4/2000/XP/2003), Linux, and Mac OS

linkAvailability of PDFNet

A fully functional, 60-day evaluation version of PDFNet SDK is available for download.

Pricing for PDFNet SDK is based on functionality and deployment requirements. CPU Licenses of PDFNet SDK can be purchased directly online at: www.pdftron.c../../licensing/index.html. PDFTron also offers pricing models for software developers who will be distributing PDFNet SDK as part of their application (OEM/Redistribution), as well as for corporate customers who wish to integrate PDFNet as part of their internal application (Internal Use). For more info on licensing PDFNet SDK please visit: www.pdftron.com/store/licensing.html.