PDFTron Systems, the experts in PDF (Portable Document Format) and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) announce the immediate availability of PDF2SVG, for flawless conversion and publishing of web-ready SVG documents, including full generation of e-book navigation.

Available as a stand-alone product, the core technology is also available for embedding into 3rd party products.

Headlining the features available in PDF2SVG:

  • Flawless and effortless conversion of PDF to SVG
  • Automatic e-book style interactive HTML wrappers for converted SVG
  • Complete transformation from PDF to an editable SVG document
  • Unicode text
  • Extremely fast
  • Support for encrypted PDF
  • Full color support, including ICC, DeviceN, CMYK, RBG, and Separations
  • Font embedding capability for accurate document reproduction or font substitution option for smaller SVG files.
  • Availability of compressed and optimized SVG output
  • Raster images can be embedded or linked
  • Various SVG rendering options
  • Ready for server-side, batch, or one-off conversions


PDFTron saw the need for companies to convert their repositories of PDF documents to an easily accessible and editable SVG format. The SVG format is more suitable than PDF for document management systems, and collaborative editing on the web. PDF2SVG can be integrated right into any company' s system allowing unprecedented access to their existing PDF content. This includes cross document searching and indexing, as well as an XML based workflow for easy access to databases for real time changes to current documents.

Availability of PDF2SVG

PDF2SVG can be downloaded directly from www.pdftron.com. The core technology is available for C, C++, C#, Java, VB, and others. Contact sales@pdftron.com for pricing and delivery of the PDF2SVG technology. For full details on PDF2SVG, please visit www.pdftron.com"../pdf2svg/.