PdfTron Systems, a leading software developer specializing in PDF, SVG, and PostScript technologies, today announced the release of PDF PageMaster™ 1.0.

PDF PageMaster v.1.0 is a stand-alone product with powerful and efficient PDF document management capabilities, including splitting, merging, editing, assembling, as well as, PDF document security. The split functionality lets you split one or more PDF files based on page groups, page ranges, bookmarks and file size. The merge capability lets you combine a collection of PDF documents and page sets. PDF PageMaster also allows you to apply or modify PDF security and edit document metadata (e.g. document title, author information, keywords, etc.) on generated documents.

PDF PageMaster is available as an easy-to-use GUI (Graphical User Interface) application, as a command-line application, and as a library component that can be embedded into third-party client and server-based solutions.

Headlining the Features Available in PDF PageMaster:

  • Generate a new PDF file or compilation by merging one or more PDF documents.
  • Reverse or rearrange pages in a document.
  • Assemble new files by appending pages to existing documents.
  • Split PDF documents by page numbers or by even, odd or custom page ranges etc.
  • Split PDF documents by bookmarks.
  • Split PDF documents based on the resulting file size.
  • Automatically add document information data such as Author, Subject, Title or Keywords to all generated documents.
  • Automatically apply various encryption schemes to all generated documents.

Additional Features:

  • Encryption. PageMaster supports standard PDF security (40 and 128 bit).
  • Efficiency. PDF PageMaster is based on PDF.Net and is extremely fast.
  • Support for large documents. PDF PageMaster implements full BTree mechanism required for efficient manipulation of large documents containing thousands of pages.
  • PDF PageMaster can detect shared resources between pages (e.g. fonts, images, color-spaces) and makes sure that only necessary objects are imported. Therefore, all generated documents contain only minimum necessary information decreasing them in size.
  • Because of built-in support for multi-threading, PageMaster is a good match for concurrent and server based applications.
  • All settings are automatically saved for future sessions.