PdfTron Systems, a leading software developer specializing in PDF, SVG, and PostScript technologies, today announced the release of PDFNet, a high-quality, industry-strength PDF library meeting requirements of the most demanding and diverse applications.

PDFNet gives software developers a comprehensive programming toolkit. Using PDFNet you can write stand-alone, cross-platform and reliable commercial applications that can read, write, and edit PDF documents. It is available as a cross-platform C/C++ library and as a 100%.Net component that can be used from any .Net language (e.g. C#, VB, and J#).

There are many features that make PDFNet a unique product:

PDFNet gives developers access to functionality that ensures effective quality creation of complex PDF documents, including images, patterns, bookmarks, annotations and forms, while supporting advanced features such as embedded fonts, ICC profiles, transparency, etc. Encryption, optimization, linearization and compression options produce web-ready PDF files. PDFNet can easily be integrated with client-based applications in order to provide enhanced PDF output that cannot be produced using generic PDF writers.

PDFNet provides a comprehensive API that makes the editing process as transparent and efficient as possible.

  • Append and assemble PDF files
  • Merge specific PDF pages from multiple documents
  • Delete or rearrange pages
  • Edit page contents, fonts, color spaces, line styles, document metadata, bookmarks, page annotations, security settings
  • Add/remove/edit images, text, and vector graphics

PDFNet can further be used to extract text, images, fonts, ICC color profiles, embedded files, etc. Complete and efficient content extraction features make PDFNet a solid foundation for PDF viewers, editors, document converters, and software RIPs.

PDFNet allows users to automatically conform to the highest PDF Language Standard through frequent upgrades and to consistently provide desired output types.

Availability of PDFNet

In order to make the library accessible to all types of applications and end users, PDFTron is offering a flexible licensing policy. Users are charged only for PDFNet features used in their applications. For full details on PDFNet and our licensing, please visit https://www.pdftron.com/pdf-sdk/ .