At PDFTron, the safety of our employees and our ability to support our customers are our top focus. As a result, early on, we were actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and we implemented every precaution. These included an early shift to remote work, enabled in large part by the very same document processing and PDF collaboration capabilities that we offer customers via PDFTron’s document SDKs .

As we all navigate COVID-19, PDFTron is committed to keeping our employees safe while continuing to serve our customers with the highest level of service and top-notch technology.

Powering Remote Work Internally with PDFTron Technology

We pride ourselves on the close-knit, collaborative team culture that imbues the PDFTron offices every day and love to come into the office and work together. Still, we decided to shift to a virtual workplace with everyone working remotely to ensure employees could shelter-in-place and avoid crowded places like public transportation.

These measures were taken a number of days before official directives from our local government and the World Health Organization.

Behind this early and seamless shift to virtual work were two factors: PDFTron’s robust business continuity plan and, secondly, the very same PDFTron tech we provide to customers as the vendor of the #1 choice commercial document SDK.

PDFTron leverages these very same document technologies internally as used by many of our customers; indeed, our PDF collaboration and document processing features keep our team on the same ‘digital’ page, literally, as well as responsive and productive, to continue to excel even in these difficult times.

Additionally, with our comprehensive document SDK offerings, we are ready to provide for the needs of other customers who wish to pursue similar strategies and solutions, whether for their internal users or to power their commercial products and services.

Helping Companies around the World

For example, PDFTron technology is being used right now by hundreds of companies to keep organizations functioning, people employed, and the economy moving along. These companies range from innovative startups to Fortune 500 companies including Boeing and IBM.

Here are just a few industries in which our technology helps power digital transformation and ensure business continuity:

  • Healthcare: Enabling viewing & collaborating on patient Electronic Health Records within the solutions of eClinicalWorks, Roche, and AmerisourceBergen.
  • Pharma: Helping Novartis, Parexel, and Veeva streamline the drug research, testing, and the approvals process used to vet vaccines for common ailments, such as COVID-19.
  • eLearning: Powering the document tools used in remote onboarding of employees, remote training of employees, and most importantly, e-learning at schools, for online education movers and shakers such as PlayerLync, Elsevier, and HoughtonMifflin Harcourt.
  • Online meeting software / board portals: Used in trusted software by companies like Diligent, M-Files, and Intralinks that help board of directors from the biggest companies continue to function & make decisions.
  • Digital Signatures: Powering the PDF functionality within DocuSign, Hellosign, and Salesforce -- solutions that make signing contracts and other business documents secure and paperless, so users everywhere can sign anywhere and at a safe social distance.

Powering Online Productivity Internally & Remote Work with XODO

Besides powering our own remote work collaboration and supporting many companies in embedding key digital document processing functionalities, PDFTron also offers its comprehensive suite of capabilities as part of an end-user PDF and document processing application, XODO -- entirely free for all users.

Available on all platforms, XODO is built from the ground-up using the PDFTron technology stack, and it is very similar to the solution we use to power remote productivity internally. XODO is also the highest-rated PDF productivity app on the Google Play Store, with over 11 million unique user downloads. Teams can use XODO to get on the same digital page to view, mark up, and share their marked-up business documents in the completion of workflows such as review & approvals.

Indeed, XODO lets multiple users collaborate on documents online with features to:

  • Sign documents with hand-drawn signatures and saved signatures
  • Quickly fill in forms from any device
  • Annotate with a variety of customizable markup tools
  • Discuss on documents with comments and replies to other user comments
  • Sync documents in XODO with those stored in Dropbox or Google Drive

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us ; we’re always available to answer any inquiries you may have in these troubling times.