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3D PDF Consortium Announces New Technology Member: PDFTron Systems Inc.

3D PDF Consortium is pleased to announce its newest technology partner.

PDFTron Systems Inc. a global provider of industry-leading, high-performance document processing and conversion technology related to PDF and other graphic file formats, recently joined the membership ranks of the 3D PDF Consortium. PDFTron's investment in the seamless integration of PDF capabilities and document conversion functionality align perfectly with the mission of 3D PDF Consortium, making them an ideal partner.

"We are very happy and honored to join the 3D PDF Consortium. PDFTron's technology is used by major players in the CAD industry, especially the AEC space, and we support embedding 3D PDF models. Over time, we've seen growing interest from customers for supporting 3D PDF directly as part of our PDF technology platform, especially with regard to PDF viewing and collaboration" said Ivan Nincic, Co-Founder and CTO of PDFTron Systems Inc. "Joining the 3D PDF Consortium will allow us to collaborate with the community, and participate in various projects, such as the 3D PDF Implementer Forum, all of which will ultimately allow us to provide better products for the community. It will also allow us to work with key players in the market when it comes to shaping the specifications relating to 3D PDF, and to assist the 3D PDF Consortium in forming a strong collective voice for the adoption of 3D PDF."

3D PDF Consortium Executive Director Jerry McFeeters said of their newest technology member, "We are very pleased to have PDFTron as a member of the 3D PDF Consortium. The breadth and depth of their knowledge of the PDF format will provide significant contributions to the Consortium."

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