PDFTron Systems, a global provider of industry-leading document processing technology related to PDF, XPS, SVG and other graphic file formats, and DITEC a.s., a leading supplier and technology integrator in the Slovak Republic, today announced their new OEM partnership.

The technology partnership was formed to enable integration of PDFTron's PDFNet™ SDK in DITEC's D.Signer and D.Verifier products, thus facilitating quality PDF processing and PDF/A compliance verification features that are required for the creation and validation of qualified electronic signatures in PDF documents.

D.Signer/XAdES is a software framework for creating qualified electronic signatures (also known as strong digital signatures), while the D.Verifier/XAdES framework provides functionality for electronic signature verification. Both products have been fully certified by the Slovak Security Authority and are in compliance with Act. No 215/2002 of the National Parliament of the Slovak Republic and further amendments. These base framework products can be enhanced by specific plugin packages offering support for particular document formats (e.g. XML, PDF, etc.). PDFTron's PDFNet SDK powers the PDF Plugin Package to support creation and verification of qualified electronic signatures for PDF documents compliant with the PDF/A specification. For institutional organizations, where the electronic signature creation and verification needs to be performed automatically (i.e. without explicit user interaction), DITEC also offers D.Signer-SVR/XAdES and the D.Verifier-SVR/XAdES for which the PDF Plugin powered by PDFNet is also available.

Strong digital signatures have widespread use for high value e-commerce transactions and in government institutions, and requirements for creating qualified electronic signature for electronic documents are highly regulated by national laws and standards world-wide including those in Slovakia. To ensure compliance with these standards, DITEC's solutions needed to pass a certification process. PDFNet SDK, specifically used for validating PDF/A compliance and for accurate PDF visualization (display) of content to be signed by the user, underwent the full certification process along with DITEC products, ensuring that PDFNet functionality fully complies with current government restrictions and regulations.

PDFNet SDK has been acknowledged in the industry as one of the most reliable and quality PDF components, with complete support for all PDF Standard revisions, from PDF 1.0 to the latest version of PDF (ISO 32000), as well as ISO PDF/A (ISO 19005-1), including both PDF/A-1a and PDF/A-1b versions. Using PDFNet, developers can flexibly implement and create stand-alone, cross-platform and reliable commercial applications that can generate, manipulate, view, render and print PDF and PDF/A documents, as well as convert any printable document format to PDF, XPS, EMF, or SVG.

"Partnering with PDFTron was a great decision from every perspective. We have utilized PDFTron's long-standing experience in PDF and, combined with our own team's expertise, developed a unique product. We are looking forward to continuously enhance our partnership in our mutual strive to address the latest technological trends in PDF and digital signature standards," says Pavol Fric, Vice President for Strategy at DITEC. "D.Signer and D.Verifier needed to meet very specific PDF processing and PDF/A compliance requirements and PDFNet made this not only possible, but easy. The result is that our products are a success and provide our customers the extra functionality they were looking for."

"The requirements for qualified electronic signature solutions are substantial and, among other things, call for using the latest technology to ensure full compliance," noted Catherine Andersz, Director of Business Development at PDFTron. "PDFNet, an already mature and proven technology, is updated and enhanced regularly to adhere to latest PDF specification revisions, industry standards, and market needs, allowing our OEM partners to feel confident that the technology will meet all their needs and accelerate their own product releases. We are happy to work with companies like DITEC whose solutions, like ours, are focused on quality and on meeting the government and industry standards that today's businesses expect."

About DITEC a.s.

DITEC a.s. (http://www.ditec.sk) is the leading systems integrator on the Slovak IT market. DITEC is also involved in the area of electronic signature technology. The D.Signer product family is the most widely used product for electronic signature creation and validation in Slovakia. DITEC was involved in implementation of eGovernment processes for many institutions, e.g. Slovak Customs Administration or Slovak Tax Administration. Currently, DITEC is also working on the Public Administration Portal, where D.Signer product family will be used for implementation of electronic communication processes with Public Administration institutions.