PDFTron Systems Inc., a leading provider of cross-platform PDF development tools and components, and Adlib Software, a leader in advanced server-based document conversion and publishing software, today announced that they have signed a new OEM agreement strengthening the tie between the two companies. Under the terms of the agreement, PDFTron's advanced PDF library PDFNetTM SDK is to continue to provide core PDF functionality in Adlib's comprehensive line of document transformation applications for document conversion, optical character recognition (OCR) and document publishing.

Adlib Software's core applications are designed to provide server-based document transformation for companies with large volumes of documents and mission-critical document processes, who are seeking complete document rendering functionality as part of a standard workflow. As a leader in the industry, Adlib relies on the best technology available. "We searched for a PDF library many years ago to supplement our original document publishing applications", said Scott Mackey, Director of Product Management and cofounder of Adlib Software. "We standardized on PDFNet SDK because it met all our requirements and proved to be the most reliable and robust PDF engine available."

Over time, Adlib Software continued to rely on PDFTron's full-spectrum PDF toolkit, integrating it more tightly into Adlib's expanding product offering. As a result, the recent agreement further extends the strong partnership, reinforcing Adlib's commitment to PDFTron's technology. "With the success we have experienced using the PDF toolkit and working with PDFTron's team so far, the decision to keep this success going came very naturally," said Peter Duff, President and CEO of Adlib Software. "Our mission is to provide the highest quality document conversion applications with the most robust functionality offering both depth and breadth to our customers. PDFTron not only supports this effort, it enables it in many cases, thus undoubtedly enhancing the leadership position of Adlib Software".

With PDFNet SDK, Adlib delivers solutions to its customers that handle all types of PDF processing. Using the latest version of PDFNet, end users can benefit from faster and higher quality text extraction from PDF pages in either Unicode or XML. PDFNet also provides core error handling capabilities for automatic error recovery for PDF documents with minor corruptions such as broken cross reference tables. Mackey added, "In our newest release, we are now able to support PDF Layers (Optional Content Groups) due in large part to the newest PDFNet release."

"By continuing to leverage PDFNet SDK, Adlib has the strength of our proven technology and the expertise of our development team behind them and can focus their efforts on adding value to their exciting new generations of document transformation solutions," said Catherine Andersz, Director of Business Development at PDFTron. "Adlib is a valued customer for PDFTron and we are excited to continue our successful relationship. It was a great fit from the start and as time progressed, the synergies between our two companies have resulted in better products on both sides, delivering more value to both companies, and most importantly, to the end users."

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