Datafarm Incorporated, a global specialist in regulatory submissions solutions for the life sciences industry, and PDFTron Systems Incorporated, a leading provider of PDF development tools and components, today announced a strategic partnership that will see PDFTron's advanced PDF library PDFNetTM SDK become the PDF document processing engine that augments Datafarm's next-generation, electronic CTD submissions suite of products "S-CubedTM".

"S-CubedTM is the accumulation of Datafarm's industry knowledge, technical expertise and valued customer input. A collection of individual modules, integrated to provide comprehensive publishing, compilation and review capabilities in a standard client/server configuration, S-Cubed offers an accurate and efficient way to produce and manage eCTD submissions, while conforming to all current ICH, and USFDA, EMEA, Health Canada, Taiwan FDA and Japanese regional guidelines and specifications," said Shy Kumar, President and CEO of Datafarm Inc. "With the PDF format playing such a crucial role in today's electronic submissions industry, we knew we needed the most reliable PDF support in our solution. We partnered with PDFTron after evaluating various PDF technologies and finding that only PDFTron met all our needs. PDFTron's PDFNetTM SDK now plays a critical role in our S-CubedTM line of products and we are looking forward to a very successful partnership between our two companies."

PDFNetTM SDK is an advanced PDF development component offering complete PDF generation, viewing, printing, conversion/rasterization and editing capabilities. PDFNetTM SDK is available as a 100% .NET component that can be used from any .NET language (such as C# and VB.NET) and as a C++ library available on a wide range of platforms including Windows, Windows Mobile, Linux, Mac, Java and others. The PDF SDK enables seamless and flexible integration with complex document and publishing workflows, interactive applications as well as in server applications that require high-performance and reliable PDF processing.

"PDFTron is very excited to collaborate with Datafarm to bring a complete solution to the life sciences industry for regulatory electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) submissions," said Catherine Andersz, PDFTron's Director of Marketing and Business Development. "Datafarm is a respected member of the life sciences industry and the synergies between our two companies' core competencies will undoubtedly result in a significant improvement to the regulatory publishing and submissions process."

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Established in 1997, Datafarm is a leading provider of Electronic Document Publishing solutions and Regulatory Submissions Services for the Life Sciences Industry. Datafarm augments the drug development process by providing custom and off-the-shelf solutions worldwide, production high-quality, agency-compliant and e-Submission-ready documents. Headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA, Datafarm has regional offices in California, UK, France, India, Japan and Taiwan. To date, the company has assisted with over 150 eCTD submissions, submitted to the FDA, Health Canada, EMEA and Japanese regulatory authorities.

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