PDFTron Systems Inc. and AfterCAD Software Inc. today announced a strategic partnership to seamlessly bridge the CAD and PDF world in a new product from AfterCAD Software, CAD2PDF.

AfterCAD Software will use PDFTron's high-quality PDFNet SDK to create their new product AfterCAD CAD2PDF. Integration with the PDFNet Library will allow AfterCAD to leverage the library's comprehensive PDF-creation functionality, enabling CAD2PDF to mass convert 2D and 3D CAD files to web-optimized PDF, preserving all layer, block and other information to be used in Adobe Acrobat. CAD2PDF users will be also able to select various features of the converter to tune exactly how the CAD files are represented, matching views to individual pages and using the PDF file as a new DRM deployment platform for CAD managers.

"Having tried several other leading libraries for PDF generation, we knew that PDFNet SDK offered the most complete and reliable API," said Chris Boothroyd, CEO of AfterCAD. "Our experience with PDFNet confirmed to us its reputation as a world-class PDF technology and left us in no doubt about its capabilities or quality. The technical expertise and support they've provided have been just as excellent. It was important to us to find a technology partner that we can continue to count on. We believe we've found such a partner in PDFTron."

"We are very pleased to partner with AfterCAD Software in their creation of CAD2PDF" said Catherine Andersz, Director of Marketing and Business Development, PDFTron. "There may be other offerings out there that get you from one spot to the other, but CAD2PDF's lack of reliance on expensive third-party CAD or PDF applications as well as its rich feature set definitely sets CAD2PDF apart from other applications. We are proud to be able to support companies that are innovating and blazing the trail for new kinds of PDF publishing, like AfterCAD Software, with our line of PDF components and help them reduce development time and accelerate business growth."

CAD2PDF is expected to be released for general retail in May, 2006. For further information regarding CAD2PDF and other AfterCAD products, please contact AfterCAD Software. For information on PDFNet SDK and other PDFTron components, please contact PDFTron Systems.

About AfterCAD Software

AfterCAD Software is a leading provider of innovative products and solutions that enable organizations to integrate their XML and CAD data. Our approach creates a platform where business data and CAD data can be merged together without compromise so that all users have everything at their fingertips. We are dedicated to using the latest development and programming technologies to create unique products and services for your consumer base. Many diverse industries utilize our products and custom engineering services including Facilities Management, Inside/Outside Plant Management, Telecom, Parts Catalogs and Auto/Aero Manufacturers.

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