PDF library for Windows 8 RT

PDFTron Systems Incorporated, a leading global provider
of PDF development tools and components, today announced the availability of PDFTron's advanced PDF library, PDFNet™ SDK, for Windows RT.

PDFNet Mobile SDK is a powerful PDF software development toolkit for viewing, annotation, creation, and manipulation of PDF documents on mobile and embedded devices without any third-party software dependencies.

With the new release of PDFNet, PDFTron expands its Mobile PDF Software Development Kit (SDK) with a Window RT-specific version for ARM devices such as tablets and phones. The Windows RT version is designed and packaged specifically for developers and device manufactures needing advanced, standard-compliant and high-performance PDF technology for their Windows Store apps or devices running Windows 8/RT.

With PDFNet Mobile SDK developers have access to the same broad range of robust functionality already available as part of the desktop PDF API, but specifically optimized for the development of PDF solutions for mobile devices with limited resources. PDFNet Mobile SDK can handle all types of PDF files, and supports all PDF revisions including ISO32000. Furthermore, the Mobile SDK provides the rich graphic support, the efficient memory management as well as the accurate multi-threaded and progressive rendering to deliver a top-performance embedded PDF solution.

To facilitate smooth development and easy implementation for developers, the PDFNet Mobile SDK API also contains powerful tools and customization options and comes with extensive support resources including plenty of sample code, API reference guides, and a fully featured mobile PDF viewer.

"The immense growth of the mobile market has made it crucial for developers to quickly deliver top-notch solutions that stand out in the market place and it is no longer enough to just have an iPad app to impress customers," noted Catherine Andersz, Director of Business Development. "PDFNet allows to significantly reduce time-to-market while supporting products with high quality PDF technology on multiple major mobile and desktop platforms. We are excited to support Windows 8 and to enhance our PDF SDK to meet growing market needs."

PDFNet Mobile PDF SDK is available for licensing directly from PDFTron, comes with all the resources required for effective implementation (including sample projects, comprehensive documentation, and source code availability), and is backed by PDFTron's unmatched technical support.

For more product information, sample code, and fully-featured free demo versions, please visit: http://www.pdftron.com/pdf-sdk/platforms.