PDFTron Systems Incorporated, a leading global provider of PDF development tools and components, today announced the official release of PDFTron's advanced PDF library, PDFNetTM SDK, for Windows Mobile.

PDFNet Mobile SDK is an advanced C/C++ software development toolkit for viewing, annotating, creating, and manipulating PDF documents on mobile and embedded devices without any third-party software dependencies. Although the PDFNet Mobile SDK API has all the power and functionality of the desktop PDFNet API, the library is specially designed and optimized to run efficiently on low-power-consuming and memory-constrained mobile devices, such as mobile phones, PDAs, Pocket PCs, and other embedded devices.

Using PDFTron's PDFNet Mobile SDK, hardware, software, telecom service and mobile application providers can add powerful new functionality to their products. The PDFNet Mobile SDK API also contains powerful tools to facilitate development and implementation, including compiled device-specific libraries, API reference guides, plenty of sample code, and a full-featured mobile PDF viewer.

With PDFNet Mobile SDK, developers have access to the same broad range of robust functionality already available as part of the desktop PDF API, specifically optimized for the development of PDF solutions for mobile devices with limited resources. PDFNet Mobile SDK can handle all types of PDF files, and supports all PDF revisions including ISO32000. Furthermore, the Mobile SDK provides the rich graphic support, the efficient memory management as well as the accurate multi-threaded and progressive rendering to deliver a top-performance embedded PDF solution.

"The release of the mobile version of PDFNet SDK is a result of the combination of PDFTron's expertise and valued customer input," noted Catherine Andersz, Director of Marketing and Business Development. "Many of PDFTron's existing customers have already successfully implemented and released mobile solutions using the pre-release version of the PDFNet Mobile SDK. With the official release, developers can count on a proven and solid mobile PDF technology."

A comprehensive listing of functionality and features offered in PDFNet SDK can be viewed at: www.pdftron.com/pdf-sdk.

PDFNet SDK is also available as a .NET component as well as a cross-platform Java and C/C++ library for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and other platforms.

Availability of PDFNet Mobile SDK

A fully functional, 60-day evaluation version of PDFNet Mobile SDK is available for download.

PDFNet Mobile SDK is available for licensing to mobile hardware manufacturers, software, telecom service and mobile application providers at a very affordable pricing model. For more information on pricing and licensing of PDFNet SDK for Mobile, please contact a PDFTron sales representative at: info@pdftron.com.